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What we’ve been up to….Lot’s of Climbing of course!!!

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I really wish I’d a little more time to sit down and update this Blog more often but that would mean I was a tad quiet and that wouldn’t be so good I suppose.. It’s just been so so busy out on the crags, cliffs, mountains and hills of late that I’m only getting around to it now…

Well the rain is absolutely bucketing down outside and I’m extremely glad I’m not out in the mountains or crags today for sure. We can’t complain though can we. It has been a super super summer. Yeah we’ve had testing days too but hey it’s Ireland, that’s all part of the package! I just sent a client his pics of a recent days activity with us and while doing so had a quick view over the many many other great  (and admittedly – not so great) photos I’ve taken recently and it had me reflect on the last few weeks… For a start I’m feeling fit…never fitter to tell the truth and boy it’s been a rollercoaster  with this ever changing weather I tell ya!!!

We’ve had blistering sunshine for an “Intro Rock Course” on the stunning sea cliffs of Dún Seanna, memorable fine days guiding the Adventurous up the mighty Howling Ridge. We’ve had relaxed fun days teaching climbing in the Gap of Dunloe and all the conditions imaginable from wet ‘n’wild to sweet’n’clear days guiding a whole selection of different routes on Corrán Tuathail and the Reeks. We’ve had first timers to never again-ers, we’ve guided Irish, English, Scottish and Welsh, American, German, French, from the Philipines and even from Malta . We’ve had 6 year olds cruising up Very severes and Hvs’s and experienced old timers struggle and puff…From the ages of 6 through to 68. We’ve had the super fit and the “not too fit”!!! The “wahooo” successes and the disappointing failures and retreats. the overjoyed and the underestimated….but that’s all part of it too…nothing ventured, nothing gained. 

Now the summer’s still got plenty left yet and it’s far far from over…Not by a long shot!!! 
Still plenty more happening in the weeks ahead…at home and abroad!!! Yes there’s mornings when I wake I feel tired…shattered in fact….Climbing Ireland’s highest on average 3-4 times a week does take it’s toll no matter how fit you are but once the formalities are complete, (and of course the coffee is consumed!) It doesn’t take long for the senses to awake, for the adrenaline to flow and to yet again realise how incredibly lucky I am to be working at something I truly love and in surroundings and landscapes that truly inspire. Can’t wait to climb Mt Brandon again on Sunday….for the second time in a week!!! And that’s what’s supposed to be called work…Now that’s some office I tell ya ;-)