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Well summer is slowly drawing to a close, (though some will say it never really began!!),and people may be thinking that KerryClimbing will be taking it nice and easy for the Autumn and winter months…Not a chance!!!

We already have plenty of bookings for the months ahead for various grades of ascents of Corrán Tuathail and others…

We guide ALL the mountains of  Munster ALL year round…..Of course now that the days are getting shorter,our walks,scrambles and climbs begin a wee bit earlier but don’t let this put you off!!!!

These next few months are a magic time to get into the hills….The mountains are great deal more peaceful and quiet as they are free of the summer crowds….
It is common not to meet another soul while out  walking or climbing which helps you appreciate the wild and rugged scenery all the more….Another bonus is how clear and fresh the days can be!!!The views are alot less hazy and so photographs are clearer and have more clarity…
And then, when the cold North East winds bring the frosts and snows……YIPPPPPEEEEE…Happy Days….

So don’t think we will be taking a break or slowing down…Nothing changes but the season!!!