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“The Realms of Chaos” – An Evening of Wild Adventures with Iain Miller in Cork helps raise €286 for SARDA!!!!
Proceeds of this entertaining,inspiring and highly informative talk are going to SARDA Search and Rescue Dogs…
SARDA Ireland is a voluntary 999 / 112 emergency search and rescue organisation concerned with the training, assessment and deployment of Air Scenting Search and Rescue Dogs to search for missing persons. Their dog teams, which consist of the handler and their dog, search anywhere in Ireland and are effective in the mountains, woodlands, rural and urban areas, waterways and seashore.  
This talk follows on from a highly entertaining and successful evening held recently with Andy Kirkpatrick on his “Cold Wars” book tour which raised the fantastic total of €864 for Kerry Mountain Rescue Team.  We are delighted that this talk by Iain Miller was able to raise much needed funds for another of our Mountain Rescue teams and highlight the invaluable resource that they are and the magnificent job that they do.
Iain Miller – The Realms of Chaos
• First Ascents of over 60 virgin sea stacks in both Orkney and Donegal.
• Over 100 new climbing routes up Donegal sea stacks. Mostly solo and always totally and utterly alone.
• Over 1000 new rock climbs in Orkney and Donegal.
• Developed a unique method of nautical access ( a €20 Lidl Dingy !!! ) 
“It was 6am and I was nearly 30km from the nearest main road, 5km from the car, at the base of a 250m sea cliff and I was totally and utterly alone, no-one knew where I was or what I was doing, I had no means of contacting the world in the event of the proceedings resembling a pear, and 300m out to sea was the object of my desires. The south-westerly winds were causing the distant sea to smoke, Neptune and his legions of the damned were “in the Building”. I was standing on a small outcrop 6 metres above UBER white water violence, a Lidl dingy mattressed in front of me, a dry bag full of climbing toys clove-hitched to my left wrist and the beast on my right, a 60m half and a 60m single alpine ropes sacked on my back and all that was left to do was commit to a super-scary big leap into the rage and thus enter The Realms of Chaos.”
(You can check out Iain’s website at
Raffle on the night with prizes  of :

Down Jacket thanks to Wild Side Sports – Bandon
Dinner for 2 thanks to the Gleneagle – Killarney
€25 voucher thanks to Landers Outdoor Shop – Tralee
Handy outdoor accessories pack thanks to Army Surplus Store – Killarney/Midleton.30
30 Litre ruc-sac from The Outdoor Adventure Store-Cork
A massive thanks to those who donated the above and to UCC Mountaineering club for providing a great venue…
And of course thanks again to all who attended!!!