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Todays Intro Rock Climbing Courses in Knockadoon Head, East Cork.

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Well, back to our typical Summer 2012 weather today!!! Wild foaming seas and showers but we did have some nice sunny spells to dry the rock and increase the much needed friction….

Climbing “No Toll” VS at West End Wall, Knockadoon Head

James who is holidaying in Ireland from Southampton in the U.K. was on an intensive 1:1 Full Day Intro Rock Course which covered detailed anchor building, abseiling, climbing technique, equipment use, and lots and lots of climbing!  James departed with his brain ready to burst from all the new info but happily content and excited about his future climbing.

Rock Climbing at Knockadoon Head, East Cork.

We then had a group from East Cork for our Evening Intro Rock Session and boy did they have a ball…again lots of subjects covered just not in as much detail.  A fantastic, exciting and informative evening for a group of mates climbing for the very first time. 

Knockadoon is an amazing little spot – little frequented with lots of great climbs of various grades and a very different feel to our Gap of Dunloe Courses. Climbing on rock over wild crashing seas makes it all the more exhilirating!!!


Great climbing lines all over this amazing cliff