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Sprayway – Our Recommended & Official outdoor clothing brand

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It’s well over 25 years now since I began hiking, mountaineering and climbing and during this time I have purchased, trialled and been left utterly disappointed and let down by many different manufacturers and brands of outdoor gear and clothing.

Then I discovered SprayWay!!!

I can in all honesty claim that this long time tried and trusted brand is without question my #1 and favoured go to brand for highly functional, comfortable, practical and ever reliable clothing.
Recently while reluctantly looking to replace my aged, worn out and battered Sprayway shell jacket I made contact with the excellent Sprayway team.

These guys and gals who went far and beyond the call of duty and duly kitted me out with some fantastic new SprayWay garments to keep me warm, dry and snug from the elements as I go about my daily work as a guide & instructor on the high mountains and crags of Kerry.
SprayWay actually began business in 1974 as a designer and manufacturer of waterproof jackets for sailing, but quickly branched out into good, well-made, unfussy outdoor clothing – long before such clothing became commonplace. Born in the hills and honed by the weather of the Peak District, Sprayway has been trusted by walkers and outdoor enthusiasts of all ages for well over forty years and continue to make excellent, well-priced and cool looking range of fleeces, performance tops and an impressive large range of highly dependable and reliable waterproof jackets.
Sprayway truly represents technical excellence and authenticity, giving their customers the confidence and inspiration to venture into the most beautiful and breath-taking spaces.

We at KerryClimbing are only delighted to name SprayWay as our recommended, favoured and official clothing brand and look forward to posting many updates and blogposts highlighting, reviewing and singing the praises of  its many super products.

Check out their awesomely cool and impressive new Autumn range at >>>