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Seasons come and go….

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Last Saturday we were guiding Brian and Anne Marie from Kilkenny up Ireland’s highest in what you could say somewhat “testing” conditions!!!
Forecast was for torrential rain in the morning but clearing to heavy showers by mid afternoon and so we departed Cronin’s yard and headed into the deluge with the knowledge that hopefully it wouldn’t be like this ALL day



There is no gear in the world designed to keep out the Irish rain no matter how much money you spend and so by the time we reached the start of Brother O’ Sheas gully we were well and truly soaked right through but our spirits and morale were still sky high.


The gang were just so excited and delighted to be away for the weekend, a welcome break from the kids and absolutely buzzing to be amidst the wild rugged MacGillycuddys Reeks of Kerry for their first time!!!
Rewarded for the effort with superb atmospheric views and a summit to ourselves…(not surprised really considering all the bloody rain ;-0 )
A real joy and pleasure to spend a day with such a genuinely lovely and TOTALLY up for it couple!!!

You may be thinking that KerryClimbing will be taking it nice’n easy over the winter months…
Not a chance!!!  


Already we have plenty of bookings for the months ahead for various grades of ascents of Corrán Tuathail and others…We also will be holding lots of our skills courses over the Winter months such as Night Navigation, Mountain Proficiency, Winter/Snow skills, and of course our ever popular Scrambling Skills courses.
Although we specialise in the mountains of Kerry we also guide ALL the mountains of Munster ALL year round…..
Of course now that the days are getting shorter, our walks, scrambles and climbs begin a wee bit earlier but don’t let this put you off!!!


These next few months are a magic time to get into the hills….

The mountains are great deal more peaceful and quiet as they are free of the summer crowds….

It is common not to meet another soul while out walking or climbing which helps you appreciate the wild and rugged scenery all the more…

Another bonus is how clear and fresh the days can be. The views are alot less hazy and so photographs are much clearer and have more clarity.

And then, when the cold North East winds bring the frosts and snows……YIPPPPPEEEEE…Happy Days….

So don’t think we will be taking a break or slowing down…Nothing changes but the season!!!