Safety measures
for your activity

Here at KerryClimbing we are committed to offering you an amazing, post lock-down mountain experience in the safest possible way.

Please note that we will be adhering to social distancing but we must stress that there is a personal responsibility for you to also adhere to keeping a safe distance from others doing the activity that are not part of your household. We must note that there may be a time when our guides / instructors may have to (after doing a risk assessment of the situation) decide that a helping hand and getting closer to a client to assist them is necessary to safe guard them. At all times client safety is paramount to us.

In the outdoor environment the risk of contracting a virus is diminished.  Please take note of the following precautions to help to protect yourself, our staff, and our local rural community.

Before arriving

You MUST have completed our online Booking Form (click the link if you haven’t already submitted one).
  • If anything has changed since completing the form, please update us.
  • Please travel separately if you are not part of the same household or if traveling together use a face covering during the journey.
  • Please either purchase your lunch in your local community or bring a pre-packed lunch from home.
  • Bring all of your own food and drink, sun cream, midge repellent, clothing where possible.
  • Please fill up your tank in your local petrol station.
  • If using public transport please use a face covering during the journey.
  • Check for symptoms of Covid-19 in yourselves and other people in your household in the 14 days before your activity with us. These include a high temperature, a new, continuous cough (coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours), a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste. If symptoms occur, you must stay at home (or go home) and self-isolate for 14 days. This applies at any time before and during the activity.

The day of the activity

  • When meeting the guide please ensure you remember to adhere to social distancing.
  • Bring a face covering if you would feel more comfortable wearing one (scarf/buff will do), hand gel, wipes and eye protection such as sun glasses.
  • Understand that mountain rescue teams might not respond to an accident or might be slower than normal to respond.
  • Maintain 2m separation as much as possible throughout the day but also understand the lower risk of transmission outdoors.
  • Take more ownership of any personal medical problems.
  • Accept that to stay separate from other people we might need to change plans, start from different car parks, alter routes, use different venues and reduce time spent on summits.
  • Contact us if you become ill within 14 days of your activity with us.