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Reel Rock 9 featuring “Valley Uprising” visits Killarney…

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We at along with our very good friends in Kerry Outdoor Sports
are thrilled to be bringing the eagerly anticipated and much hyped about climbing documentary film – “VALLEY UPRISING” to Killarney.



The Reel Rock Film Tour is one of the world’s fastest growing short film festivals and is ready to once again thrill audiences this autumn with events across Ireland and the U.K.

This year’s Reel Rock Tour showcases the feature length documentary – VALLEY UPRISING – which will treat adventure loving audiences to a rare trip back in time to experience 60 years of climbing history, epic rivalry, adventure and rebellion.
Vividly brought to life on the big screen through digitally animated-archival photography, spectacular movie footage from today and the past as well as interviews with climbing legends, VALLEY UPRISING tells the story of the bold men and women that broke with convention and redefined the limits of human possibility in California’s Yosemite National Park.



The story of Yosemite as recorded in the history books, captured on film and spoken by the campfire can be divided into three discrete but interlocking generations.



It was in the early days, during the 50s and 60s, that (now) legendary climbers dreamt up the incomprehensible notion of ascending Yosemite’s massive, cloud-scraping vertical walls. Set againstthe backdrop of the conformism of post-war America, these climbers forged a revolution in climbing and a way of life. They completed many incredible, classic “first ascents” climbs that were neverthought possible – some requiring longer than 30 days of non-stop climbing on the vertical walls.




Inspired by their predecessors but determined to usurp their legacy, the 70’s climbers were audacious in personality and vision. They applied their talent to “free-climbing”, ascending the mega routeswithout the use of artificial aids, and only with their hands and feet which made for some of the most impressive and athletic feats in human record.

During this time a raucous new era emerged, markedby partying and battles with park authorities. And then there was the time a drug-smuggling plane crashed in the valley, creating a contraband gold rush for the usually impoverished local climbers. 


With the dawn of a new century, came the emergence of the “Stone Monkeys”, a young and modern band of brothers who have achieved feats of adventure once thought impossible.Exactly 50 years after the ground-breaking first ascent of Half Dome (a 2000 foot vertical wall) that took 5 days, Alex Honnold, a shy, goofy twenty-something living out of his van, made the ascent alone,with no rope, in under three hours, arguably completing the greatest rock climbing ascent in the history of the sport.
The Yosemite climbing scene has now become a truly astonishing thing to behold withhigh lines across cliff-tops, and B.A.S.E.-jumping off the massive formations with parachutes.




The Reel Rock Film Tour offers audiences so much more than just a film night (albeit it with the best new adventure films around!). The screenings are inspiring events where outdoors lovers and climbersalike come together to celebrate adventure and leave with new enthusiasm and inspiration for their next adventure. Audiences also have a chance to win some fantastic prizes provided by the Tour’ssponsors.
Attractive Group and Corporate discounts are available – Please email or for details.

                            NEWS JUST IN…
Valley Uprising has just been announced as Winner of the GRAND PRIZE at this years Banff Mountain Film Festival!!!