Sprayway Reaction Jacket

Sprayway Reaction Jacket

(reviewed by Orlaith)

I added the Sprayway Reaction Jacket to my growing collection of Sprayway gear about a month ago ( review written in March 2024) and to say it is now my favourite waterproof jacket for being out and about on wet days.

It is perfect for lowland walking when it is mild but showery as it is warm enough so that you don’t have to wear a bulky jacket underneath.  It is also very breathable so that you won’t get wet from the inside out (if you know what I mean).

I got mine in size 14 and I was shocked as to how light it is, coming in at only 453 grams. I really rate many of the features on this jacket, for example the two exterior pockets are both big enough to fit a map and a hidden Velcro chest pocket  is handy for accessing when wearing a harness and the waist pockets become awkward to reach. It also has an interior pocket large enough to fit a mobile phone, which is super handy to prevent getting your phone getting wet  ( it is Ireland!).

The front zip has 2 zippers to make venting super accessible and a double storm guard to eliminate rain getting through the zip. The zip comes up to your nose, and the top of the zip has a soft chin guard to prevent any discomfort. It is super adjustable with a total of 5 drawstrings for optimum comfort, with the waist drawstrings concealed in the large pockets, to prevent those annoying strings flapping about, or slapping against your thighs in the windier weather.

The hood has a laminated and wired peak to prevent the all too familiar horizontal rain from going into your eyes. The hood also has a roll away feature so that you can easily make it hoodless. Sometimes, in jackets that have this feature, when the hood is up or not tucked away, the roll away tab can be irritating or can get stuck in longer hair, but in the Reaction Jacket there is a small pocket near the hanging loop, which the roll-away tab goes into so that you don’t even notice it is there which I really like.

When the jacket is on and fully zipped up, it fully covers your backside to prevent rain from flowing down the jacket and into your pants, this longer fit keeps you comfy and dry for hours on the hill, in the forest or going for a stroll around town (however I am pretty sure this feature only comes with the women’s version of this jacket).

The sleeves are long and cover the wrists, and when you extend your arms above your head the sleeves stay in the same place and don’t shrink their way half way down your arm, which is brilliant for scrambling / mountaineering. The sleeves have soft, Velcro adjustable cuffs so they don’t scratch at your hand when you’re walking.

The jacket itself is made of 100% recycled polyester and has 2 layers of GORE-TEX so you stay dry all day, haven’t yet tested in a full on wet mountain day but I have worn it on longer lower level walks in the rain and it has kept me dry and cozy.

In my opinion the only flaw is that it lacks any under-arm ventilation, but it does make up for this in breathability so that is not a huge issue with it.

Really like the colour options too, mine is the Squash/Cinnam/Lagoon and I love it!

I would give this jacket a 9/10, again only losing a point for the lack of ventilation.