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“Moonlight in the Mountains” on Feb 18th, The Comeraghs, Co.Waterford.

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Our objective for this Moonlit walk is the stunning Coumshingaun Lake or Com Seangan (pissmire valley also translated as hollow of the ants).  Coumshingaun is perhaps the finest example of a glacial corrie or coum in the British Isles.  It was formed during the last ice age by the retreating glaciers which left a large moraine at the mouth of the coum holding the lake back to what we see today. This truly is an awe inspiring place to be at night when our senses are enhanced.  Gigantic cliffs and jagged silhouetted ridges tower above us. The only lights to be seen when we turn off our torches are the twinkling of the stars above us and the reflection of moonlight in mountain lake

We will be listening out for things that go “bump” in the night!  Hopefully not someone walking into a tree or boulder having forgotten to switch on a head torch!!! Instead we will be looking and listening out for owls, foxes and badgers and other nocturnal wildlife.
Coumshingaun is spectacular by day but magnificent by moonlight!!!  Come along and Experience the Adventure!!!
Meeting in Dungarvan at 7pm returning to Dungarvan for 11pm
Some previous hillwalking experience advised but not essential
Booking required.
Price pp. €30. Discounts for students and groups of 3+ and Facebook Fans.