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Our lead guide – Piaras features in recent RTE Nationwide Programme

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Last Friday evenings Nationwide programme on RTE1 was all about our good friend – Valerie O’Sullivan’s stunning book – ‘MacGillycuddy’s Reeks – People & Places of Ireland’s Highest Mountain Range’ and our very own guide – Piaras was a enthusiastic contributor and featured in this fantastic programme talking about her beautiful book, the Reeks and what they mean to us… :-)


WIDELY acknowledged as the best adventure and outdoor pursuits photographer in the country, Killarney’s Valerie O’Sullivan featured on RTÉ’s popular current affairs and magazine-style programme and what a truly stunning spectacle and wonderful showcase of the magnificent MacGillycuddy’s Reeks mountains the programme was for sure!
Interviewed by the station’s southern reporter, Jennie O’Sullivan, Valerie gave the lowdown on her critically acclaimed book, MacGillycuddy’s Reeks: People & Places of Ireland’s Highest Mountain Range, and many of her striking images were featured in the programme.
The book charts, in words and images, the splendid Reeks as seen through the lens of the multi award-winning photographer.
Valerie and Jennie took to the hills and among those interviewed were sixth generation Reeks sheep farmer and storyteller – Michael Leane, KerryClimbing’s lead guide, Instructor, path builder & Mountain Rescuer- Piaras Kelly and John and Esther Cronin from Cronin’s Yard Tearooms who gave the RTÉ journalist a sample of their famous apple tart.

Valerie’s 240-page publication examines the rich diversity of the people of the Reeks, encompassing all aspects of their indigenous ways in a remote and rural landscape.
The beautifully crafted anthology encapsulates the unique culture, heritage, folklore and history of the Reeks and, above all, the intensity and unfailing resilience of its people who live for the mountains and those who dwell and work along these majestic mountain range.

Congratulations again to our very good friend Valerie O’Sullivan – we are so so proud of you. Well done to Jennie O’Sullivan and the entire Nationwide team for putting together such a lovely programme, it was a real warm honour and huge pleasure to be asked to contribute and to be part of this amazing celebration!

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