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It’s melting in the mountains so it is !!!!

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Well the sun just keeps on shining and the Mountains just keep on calling. As I sit down and finally get a chance to write this, my eyes are drawn through wide open patio doors to the stupendous view of Binn Chaorach and the Mighty Reek’s. They are a truly awe-inspiring range and it’s been great to be lucky enough to spend so much time out in them recently…especially in THIS weather!!! 

Been an extremely busy and at times,testing few weeks of Kerry Climbing with heaps of Corrán Tuathail ascents under my belt and some truly amazing memories gained along the way (as well as a few tasty photos). We have guided the “straight forward” to the “much more serious!”, the “speedy” and the “not so rushed”….

I’ve enjoyed a few sensational invigorating swims surrounded by top less female French tourists in Ireland’s highest lake and my stick thin freckled red legs have now got the perfect sock lines!!! 

The rock is so warm you’d almost fry a steak on it and even been spotting tiny young trout trapped in rock pools in the river Gaddach in the Hags Glen .  

 Isn’t it great….By God we needed a bit of sunshine…. 

Also been a bit angered and frustrated at times too though I’m afraid…Still litter being discarded needlessly and some filthy Ejit even felt the need to have Ireland’s highest “Crap” behind a summit cairn during the week….

Excuse my French but like – WTF!!!!….

And I was only worried about sheep crap in the streams when I was gulpin’ down litres….

But lets not go into all that eh….Not in this post anyway. ….

Will leave that for another day when the rain is back lashing off the patio doors and wind is blowing the dog ’round the garden…Lets enjoy this while it lasts…