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Guided Corrán Tuathail climb for 22…

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On the 14th of August just gone, we guided 22 staff of “Lee strand co-op creamery” of Tralee to the top of Ireland’s highest….21 of them for their first time!!!
The group were raising funds for a great local charity in Tralee which provides a bus service between Tralee and Cork city for people receiving cancer treatment and support.
We climbed the mountain via the straight-forward “Devil’s Ladder” route and descended by the “Zig-Zags”…..Heavy showers which were forecast never came and everyone made it to the summit and were rewarded for their toil and effort  with the spectacular views from the roof of Ireland!!!
After celebrating their achievement with a wee sip of champagne which was produced from a someones laden ruc-sac we began our descent. Half-way down the Zig-Zag track the group witnessed at first hand the great work done by Kerry Mountain Rescue team and the Coast-guard helicopter as the rescue of an injured walker un-folded on the slopes of Corrán Tuathail just across the glen from us…With the rescue over and with the casualty winched to safety the chopper flew off and we continued our descent into the glen….
6 hours after leaving we returned to Cronins yard and with sore legs and happy hearts we slapped backs for a fantastic day and a job well done!!!!

I still don’t know of the total monies raised but congratulations to all on a successful and enjoyable days climb….