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Well last Thursday night was the final instalment of this years “Vertical Adventures” lecture series and what a fantastic way to finish with a thrilling and hugely inspiring lecture by Iain Miller of  titled  “SEASONS IN THE ABYSS”….

Nigel of Alpine sports,Piaras of KerryClimbing and Iain of UniqueAscent

Iain is a great guy and a gifted story teller and he gave a fascinating lecture which provided us with a blow by blow (no pun intended with reference to his wee inflatable dingy!) account of the logistics and meticulous planning involved in his many wild adventures and truly “unique” ascents off the breathtaking rugged Donegal coasts.

The main focus of this talk was Iains continuing mid life crisis, his uncontrollable addiction to fear and his love of pushing the boundaries of what a V Diff climber is capable of.
We heard all about the first Ascent of The Sturrall Headland at 750m long Ireland’s longest rock climb.
We also heard the exciting tale of the first Ascent of Tormore Island, at 160m high Ireland’s highest sea stack and of the 2nd ascent (41 years after the first and only other ascent) of the impressive Eagles Rock in Glenade, Leitrim, at 330m high and classed as Ireland’s highest free standing tower.

  And if all of that wasn’t enough he gave us a great account of the first Ascent of “Testament to the Insane”, a new route up the UK’s highest sea cliff as well as tales of lots more inspiring climbs besides!!! 

During these wild Adventures Iain has swam with bull seals, paddled next to a killer whale, met and spoke to an angel (after falling 20m off a sea stack into the sea), being blown out to sea in his Lidl dingy until he lost sight of Ireland , watched his climbing partner die at his feet and off course also had an outstanding amount of fun whilst being terrified and facing mortality!!! 

A MASSIVE thanks to ALL of those who came out and attended these events and in the process helped raise the impressive sum of €627 for this years beneficiary –
Cork Youth Climbing Club !!!

 Again a  HUGE thanks to UCC Mountaineering club for all their assistance in hosting these events and also a kind thanks to ALL this years fantastic and inspiring series speakers – DERMOT SOMERS,PAUL SWAIL,JOHNNY DAWES and IAIN MILLER!!! 

We would also like to say a BIG BIG thank you to ALL those who donated some really brilliant prizes for the event raffles which helped raise even more cash!!! THANKS SO MUCH TO YOU ALL!!!

We are hugely grateful to the following :

AGAIN A Big thanks to Our equipment partner – ALPINE SPORTS



Also a MASSIVE thanks to TheCorkNews and Mountaineering Ireland for again helping to promote this and ALL the other events in our lecture series by giving the talks space in their print..MUCH Appreciated!!!