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Exciting Times Indeed….

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I can’t believe that it’s well over a month now since I’d time to sit down and update this page and to tell the truth, with all the other social media larky that I’ve been keeping up with posting on I’ve tended to be a tad lazy with this one…

It’s been a truly manic summer… up the flippin’ walls…it’s been BRILLIANT mind but it has been an extremely busy one all round… and with so much to be done on the hills and crags, never mind all the other endless, more mundane but equally if not MORE  important office stuff, I’ve just had to prioritise and unfortunately Bloggin’ has been way down the list. To be brutally honest half the time I don’t know what I should be writing about!!!

I suppose I should put down what we’ve been doing…where we’ve been…perhaps what’s coming up and our plans for the future.
Sometimes it can feel a touch pressurised to sit down and stare at this screen and feel you’ve got to deliver an interesting narrative. I just love being out and about really. I enjoy most the side of the business where I’m out in the wilds guiding and instructing and meeting people. Of course that’s what we’re here for and that’s what we do.

That is the bit that feels natural…organic…rewarding. But I’m the lucky one.

I’m the one traipsing about on the mountains and hills…I’m the one “Rocking the Gap” with the ever enthusiastic and eager clients on their climbing courses in the Gap of Dunloe. I’m the one who gets to sit down and enjoy a well earned cappuccino and fresh scone in Cronin’s yard with the tired but hugely satisfied & buzzing clients after a day spent in the awe inspiring Reeks climbing Ireland’s highest..

I get away lightly….unlike others!!!

I suppose you could say I’m the face of KerryClimbing. I’m the one most clients meet and I’m the face in the pics and selfies. Well If I am the brawn of the operation then without a doubt Catherine is the brains.

 Catherine Is the office!!!

She’s the one who deals with the endless queries, the multitude of emails, the replies and the curious (and at times ridiculous) questions. Head of marketing, promotion & sales, advertising, finance & accounts, web site and media, wages (or lack of!!!), customer care, canteen, staff nutrition/care and more and more besides.
So a BIG BIG THANK YOU to Ca for the marathon effort put in all season…
It is Greatly greatly appreciated I tell ya !!!!! 😉

So what’s been happening in between I hear you ask?!?! 


Definitely without question the highlight of my entire summer took place in August when I was privileged enough to spend five consecutive hot sunny days working on the awe-inspiring & iconic Island far off the South West Kerry coast – Skellig  Mhichíl, assisting during filming of the new Star Wars VII movie!!! 


What an absolutely sensational place to visit and work and what a truly phenomenal experience to witness such a massive production underway and at such close quarters. I was part of the safety and rescue crew and also part of the team responsible for lugging the many tons of film, production and catering equipment up the 600 or so steep sandstone steps. A tough tough task for sure and boy we worked our socks off but a  hugely memorable week and really fantastic to be part of such a team of incredible lads who were overseeing such a tough and arduous task. I don’t think I’ve ever sweated  or indeed laughed so much as I did during that week and I took away truly special memories which will without doubt last forever.

Now I just can’t wait to see the movie!!!


This is just coming into the time of year when we normally start thinking about our “Winter Lecture Series” and who we might approach to speak. Hard to believe this will be our 4th year of promoting these! Our highly successful series of evening lectures have in the past had a host of top climbers entertain and inspire with crazy tales of first ascents and vertical adventures from home and abroad…
Hosted in Association with U.C.C Mountaineering club these talks to date have raised over €2100 for Mountain Rescue and climbing related beneficiaries. We already have a few top names in mind for this seasons talks and hopefully we will pin these down in the coming weeks.

One thing we definitely do have pencilled in at this stage is a screening in Killarney in November of the much anticipated climbing documentary – “Valley Uprising”.   

It artistically chronicles three generations of climbers in Yosemite, weaving together stories of counterculture, rebels, rivalries, epics, and unfathomable feats of bravery.
To capture this history, the filmmakers conducted dozens of interviews and excavated hundreds of archived relics from moldy boxes in remote basements. The result is a creative combination of historic images, re-enacted scenes, present-day interviews with legendary climbers, and modern footage. Mesmerizing 2.5-D animation brings faded photos to life, depicting a palpable journey that jumps off the screen until you can practically smell campfire smoke and feel the sun’s hot rays pulsing off the towering rocks

Hosted in association with our good friends in Kerry Outdoor Sports we are over the moon and hugely excited to be bringing such a hyped about movie to the Kingdom.

Further details coming soon….

Well a hugely successful and utterly fantastic Helly Hansen Killarney Adventure Race 2014 yesterday!!!!!




We at KerryClimbing were once again tasked with providing the first aid response, safety and marshaling of all three mountain run stages of this years Race – Strickeen,Torc and Mangerton and are glad to say we had little or no incidents what-so-ever on .the day… PHEWWWW !!!!!


Final Radio check with daughter Orlaith


A MASSIVE congratulations and WELL DONE to each and every competitor… I am in awe of your achievement and effort!!!!

A Big BIG round of applause to ALL the organisers and the ELITE crew and a HUGE Bula Bos to all the Stewards, Marshals, Kayak Safety crews, Civil Defence, Ambulance staff, and EVERY single Volunteer, Helper and everyone else besides who contributed to this years event being the Phenomenal Adventure spectacle it was. 


It is a joy and real pleasure to be involved in such a magnificent event and each year when you think it just surely can’t get any better….well…IT DOES!!!!
Last of all A BIG THANK YOU to all my KerryClimbing safety crew who played a blinder as usual and marshalled the Mountain stages like the Pros they are… Nice 1 lads and lassies.


You may be thinking that KerryClimbing will be taking it nice’n easy on the hills over the winter months…
Not a chance!!!


These next few months are a magic time to get into the hills….
The mountains are great deal more peaceful and quiet as they are free of the summer crowds….

It is common not to meet another soul while out walking or climbing which helps you appreciate the wild and rugged scenery even all the more…

Another bonus is how clear and fresh the days can be. The views are alot less hazy and so photographs are much clearer and have more clarity.

And then, when the cold North East winds bring the frosts and snows……YIPPPPPEEEEE…Happy Days….

So don’t think we will be taking a break or slowing down…Nothing changes but the seasons!!!