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Mountain Skills 1 Course (MS1) ref: MS 03/2

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The Mountain Skills (MS) training course provides a general introduction to hill-walking in Ireland and the U.K and provides the basics of mountain navigation. Offering a solid foundation for gaining personal mountaineering proficiency, Mountain Skills training teaches the necessary vital skills in mountain safety, navigation techniques, knowledge of hazards, and personal equipment, so that a person finishing the course may be in a position to safely, and competently, take to the hills.

Mountain Skills training and assessment also provide foundation training for those who wish to progress to further leadership qualifications, such as the Mountain Leader award (ML)

Mountain Skills 1 is a two day course.

We will cover:

Map reading

Contour features & Recognition of natural features

Navigation techniques

Mountain hazards

Personal equipment including correct clothing and Emergency equipment

Distance measurement

Timing and Pacing

At the end of this course you will have a solid and comprehensive introduction to the skills needed to be self sufficient in the hills & mountains.

Course Price: €180 per person

Ratio: 1:6

Length: 2 days/20hrs