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Check out new cool range of postcard artworks

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We are delighted to finally launch our super cool customised and unique graphic art representations of Ireland’s highest peaks – Carrauntoohil and the magnificent McGillycuddy’s Reeks mountains of Kerry. With ten different striking illustrated bespoke images to choose from, these postcards stunningly portray some of the most iconic views and vistas and truly represent the majestic awe-inspiring beauty of Ireland’s highest mountains.

In these modern days of technology, smart phones and social media we often ignore the more personable ways of staying in touch and keeping in contact. Sending a postcard is simple and easy, but we often forget or find ourselves too lazy to be bothered.Set of 10 Kerry Climbing postcards

These awesome postcards will serve as a fantastic memento of a visit to this magnificent area or after a days hiking or climbing and look pretty amazing too when mounted and framed together. They are a long overdue and a far less tacky alternative to all the other more touristy type postcards currently on the market and a really nice little token to send to friends, family and loved ones on any occasion, from Christmas to Birthdays or simply just to say – hello!!!
Purchase each one individually or you can get one of each individual cool image in a pack of 10.


Carrauntoohil Devils Ladder postcard

1. Postcards make the best souvenirs
Key rings, pens, magnets, — all sorts of tacky souvenirs are available for tourists everywhere yoHags Glen rainbow postcardu go but  postcards are one of a kind and nothing beats a cool graphic image or artwork from where you’ve been.

2. Everyone loves to get something in the post
There’s something special about receiving a personal little note, a hand-chosen photograph or picture from the other side of the world. Often, we open up our email inbox with dread each day, but checking your letterbox is a totally different experience isn’t it ?!?  Think about it: postcards and pen pals were actually the very first global social network.

3. It’s probably the easiest souvenir to buyCarrauntoohil footprints postcard
The usual boring and general bog standard postcards are the norm and all the popular tourist haunts & attractions offer the general predictable imagery. Our bespoke customised artworks are a welcome break from the norm and are available to purchase both locally and online.

 4. Postcards are cheap!
For as little as €1 each or a set of ten for only €8, just add the price of the stamp and it’s a really great deal.Carrauntoohil winter view postcard

5. They don’t take up any space
You’re traveling the Wild Atlantic Way and you don’t want to carry much, right? Postcards are small and portable. They’re light, they fit everywhere (inside of books, in your camera bag, inside your lap top case). The hard part is sometimes finding a post-box, though just ask your B&B or Hotel and they will easily sort this for you.

Carrauntoohil shoulder postcard

6. Sometimes it’s the best way to keep in touch with family and friends
Sure, we’ve got things like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram to stay in touch, but there’s nothing like a tangible postcard that you can hold in your hand. It has a lot more meaning when it’s a physical object—one that you have to touch. The power of the object is stronger and we remember it longer.


7. Postcards inspire us to travel moreCarrauntoohil winters view postcard
Postcards help to create connections to places in a personal way. When you receive a postcard from a place you’ve never been, with a personal note of endorsement from a friend…it’s hard not to want to eventually share that same experience. Inspire your friends to climb Ireland’s highest mountains!


8. A picture is worth a thousand wordsCarrauntoohil postcard
You have to be a great storyteller to describe the spectacular views and awe-inspiring vistas of the Kerry mountains. Visual representations speak to us in ways that words sometimes cannot. Today, Instagram often fills that void and that’s why we often put up all our best and coolest photos on social media.


9. You can hang them on your wallIrelands highest lake postcard
Or on your fridge. You can stick them around your desk. Postcards are excellent reminders of those special times, holidays and adventures otherwise long forgotton. When you find an old postcard you received years before, there’s something special – exhilarating and exciting about a reminder from the past. They also make great bookmarks!


10. Postcards make us smile—no matter whatThe finger of Howling Ridge postcard
Postcards can change our mood; they invite us to dream. Like messages in a bottle, they show up unexpectedly and have an almost immediate effect. From that moment when you see the photo in your letterbox, to turning it over and wondering “who’s this from?” You can’t help but smile.

Sending postcards is easy and fun, but most importantly  – it’s friendly. We need more joy in our lives, more smiles in our letter boxes. During these times where everything is instantaneous, waiting for a postcard is something that disrupts that routine. It’s just a cool reason to check the letter box each day. Long live the humble postcard. 😉

Note: (Postcards are A6 size -148 x 105 mm / 5.8 x 4.1 inches).

Grab yours now from our online store >>

Caher Sea Pinks postcard