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Well the summer season is well and truly in full sing now with all manner of guided walks, scrambles, climbs and even some rigging and rescue/safety back-up work happening over the past few manic weeks and hence I’ve been slow to update this blog I’m afraid but better late than never or so the saying goes so here is a summary of the highlights… 
We’ve had lots of spectacular ascents of Corrán Tuathail by our full range of routes from the easiest to the extreme.
We’ve had wild wet and windy group and 4 peaks events to sublime Coomloughra leisurely jaunts guiding twos and threes and even had a few honeymooning couples from all around the world “Experiencing the Adventure” on all kinds of our activities, from Rock-Climbing in the beautiful Gap of Dunloe to tackling Irelands highest by the mighty Howling Ridge!!!
In between all this typical Kerry Climbing I still even managed to squeeze in some work away on one of the stunning Aran Islands off County Clare at the amazing spectacle of the “Red Bull Cliff Diving Series”.
Five days were spent on the gloriously sunny and impressive Inis Mór setting up all the cliff infrastructure and rigging equipment in prep for this phenomenal event, acting as part of the safety and rescue crew each day during the event and then disassembling and stripping everything again after the final day.
A great laugh of a few days (and cider fuelled evenings!!!) spent with a fantastic bunch of lads and a real pleasure to be part of and witness such a sensational occasion at close quarters and view the jaw-dropping bravery of the divers as they leapt from the dive platform into the Poll na bpeist (Serpent’s Lair), a rectangular natural pool carved into the limestone cliffs. The competitors dived 28 metres down into the water, performing a series of mid-air somersaults, spins and twists – before hitting the water at speeds of up to 85 km/h!!!
After this busy and hugely exciting couple of days it was back to normal Kerry Climbing work again and straight back into more MacGillycuddys’s Reeks guiding and Rock climbing instruction on lots and lots of Corrán Tuathail ascents and “Rock the Gap” courses in the wonderful Gap of Dunloe.


We have been extremely busy of late with Howling Ridge ascents and enjoyed a truly memorable one in the last few days guiding a newly married honeymooning couple from the grand oul U. S of A  up this spectacular Irish Mountaineering Classic. What a phenomenal way to kick start a life together eh ?!?!

Also with the wonderful summer weather of the last few weeks we’ve even had time to fit in a tremendous and invigorating kayak or two with the family on the beautiful lakes and rivers of Killarney….

Now maybe you realise why I’ve been a tad busy and had trouble updating this Blog for a while…. Good complaint though eh….?!?!