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Today I was back on Corrán Tuathail guiding two ladies on their 2nd ascent of Ireland’s highest.

Their last climb had been around twenty years ago with the venture scouts and that day they’d struggled through morale sapping side ways rain and wind so today’s ascent was a much more enjoyable affair even though we had a few biting showers of rain and even hail. Even though the conditions were far from what we’d normally expect for May, the girls were still rewarded for their effort with plenty of  decent clear periods in between providing them with the awe-inspiring and breathtaking views and a hugely enjoyable, satisfying and memorable day.

We climbed via the Devil’s ladder and descended by the “Zig-Zags” which was the choice of a lot of others today also.
Well the girls are making the most of their weekend visit to Killarney and are hitting the town tonight to celebrate their well earned achievement but somehow I don’t think they’ll be doin’ too much dancing!!! 

I’m out again guiding Corrán Tuathail tomorrow, but this time by a far more steeper route – “Howling Ridge”, a classic rock climb which leads straight up the vertical North face.

It has been on the tick-list of  two lads form Waterford for a while now so will post a wee update tomorrow evening of the ascent and how it all went for two more climbers keen to finally “Experience the Adventure” …. Now time to dry the rain gear, pack the rack and put the feet up by the fire…might even have a cold 1 😉