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A tremendous day Winter climbing on Cathair and another first ascent…

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Well the weather got hotter and the T-shirt and shorts even got their first outing of the year on a recent guided ascent of Corrán but then quite unexpectedly the cold and snows briefly returned and the crampons which I’d now packed away in my “Winter Kit” box were again produced.


Here we go…..again!!!!
It had been a marvellous Winter thus far as I had ticked off an impressive 20 days out Winter climbing and I sure as hell wasn’t expecting to add to it after the recent day out wearing my shorts.
But add to it I did and what a sensational day spent recently climbing on the simply phenomenal & massive North Face of Ireland’s 3rd highest – Caher 1001mtrs.
I’d been climbing on this spectacular massive face just a few weeks ago and had been itching to get
back as it’s an absolutely mind-blowing and truly astounding face and all to rarely frequented. Little did I think I’d be back again so soon after my last ascent but with this unexpected wee cold snap I just couldn’t resist.
The previous evening I sent my mate Denis a text and he too was up for a change from the usual suspects on Corrán Tuathail and so we drove the short spin from my place just down the road at the lazy hour of 10am and enjoyed a leisurely stroll up into the stunning Coumloughra Glen.
We were both totally game and up for a “play it by ear” day and also keen to hopefully bag a “new” route in the process and so we chose an appealing, hugely attractive and twisting 300+mtr snow line which snaked its way right to the summit. 3 hours later we stood on the summit with stupendous views all around after climbing the most outstanding and enjoyable line
First ascent of “Diord Fionn” – grade III.  
Caher is an incredible mountain, superb rock, awe-inspiring views and a flippin’ ginormous face with crazy situations….As good as ANYWHERE!!!