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A superb day in the Mighty Reeks…

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Absolutely stunning day today for 5 lucky first timers on their ascent of Corrán Tuathail by the Devil’s Ladder.

 A light dusting on the tops made the Reeks look all the more impressive. LOTS of others out climbing Ireland’s highest by all manner of different routes and directions and even heard tales of queues at the Heavenly gates with large groups descending!

The gang had all travelled down from Dublin specially for this climb and were overjoyed and amazed by their day spent in such magnificent and spectacular mountain scenery and of course blessed and extremely lucky to get such a truly gorgeous sunny day. Congrats and well done to them all.

Loch Caillí

Well back out on Corrán Tuathail again tomorrow, this time guiding a group of 19, ten of which are climbing as preparations and training for their upcoming Kilimanjaro attempt with kilimanjaroachievers/ . The other 9 in the group are just up for  an exciting and exhilarating day out but guaranteed they’re all up for “Experiencing some Adventure!”…

Now time for that glass of wine….

The magnificent Hags Glen